Driveways Knoxville, TN The driveway is one of the first things that is noticed before entering your home and its design and the materials used in this feature have a lot to do with the overall aesthetic of you property. Aside from this, your driveway also sees a significant amount of wear and tear and has to endure foot and vehicular traffic. This makes it important to use resilient and durable materials to pave the area.

We at Ladd-Scapes are one of the front-running operators in the industry and cater to customers in and around Harriman, Knoxville, Farragut and Oak Ridge. Over the years we have handled driveway installation and upgrade projects for customers in and around Powell, Maryville, Rockwood, as well as Lenoir City. Our company has successfully completed several projects across Spring City, Clinton, and we have a good customer base in Dayton, and Crossville as well.

Types of Driveway Pavers

We understand that you want your driveway to be stable, sturdy and long-lasting and its why we recommend the use of paver stone driveways. And there is a large variety to choose from such as brick, natural stone and concrete. Let’s take a look at what the benefits of each of these materials are:

  • Brick Pavers - This classic material is now available in a range of colors, shapes, designs and textures. And you can use a combination of brick paving to create the pattern you want in your landscape. Brick or clay paving is strong and durable, looks great is easy to maintain and is quite cost-effective too.

  • Natural Stone - Many people like the allure of natural stone and we can use pavers made of slate, sandstone, flagstone, bluestone etc. in your driveway installation project. These pavers can be sanded and sealed to improve their durability and longevity. Installation takes a little longer than brick pavers and the upfront cost of natural stone pavers is higher than other materials. But they are low maintenance and highly durable which means you get value in the long term.

  • Concrete Pavers - These pavers are the most cost-effective of all and are available in a wide range of colors, designs and shapes. You can choose to get interlocking concrete pavers installed and these add to the integrity of the installation.

Paver Driveway Installation

While paving is a great option if you are looking for strong and durable driveway surface solutions, it’s crucial to choose high-grade materials and ensure that the installation is handled by experts in the field as this ensures the longevity and sustainability of the structures. We are very professional in our approach to our work and will ensure your driveway is installed efficiently within the stipulated timeframe.

When you want the best custom driveway installation, you need look no further than Ladd-Scapes. You can reach us by e-mail, phone or even regular mail. We look forward to hearing from you and are experts are here to help you with queries about our services and driveway installation cost. Call us with your project details on this number- 865-388-7658. You can also request for a free estimate via this online form.

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