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Inground Trampolines Knoxville, TN It’s pretty common for children to want a garden trampoline and this simple feature can provide them excellent exercise and hours of fun. It helps keep kids active and away from the TV and computer screens. Unfortunately many parents aren’t keen on getting these installations in their yard. While some oppose it because they feel it mars the appearance of the landscape, others feel that they are unsafe and that kids can easily bounce off them and get injured.

We at Ladd-Scapes recognize this dilemma and provide a very simple yet effective solution to this problem so you can have your cake and eat it too. We provide excellent in-ground trampoline installation solutions and are one of the front-running operators in the industry; we cater to customers in and around Harriman, Knoxville, Farragut and Oak Ridge.

Over the years our company has handled in-ground trampoline fitting projects for customers in and around Powell, Maryville, Rockwood, as well as Lenoir City. We have successfully completed several projects across Spring City, Clinton, and we have a good customer base in Dayton, and Crossville as well.

Outdoor Trampoline Installation - The Work Process

An in-ground yard trampoline is a win-win and the solution ensures that kids get the feature they want and the parents can rest easy as these are far safer that above ground trampolines. This is the work process we follow in in-ground trampoline installation:

  • Our experts will survey the available area in your yard and identify which spot is perfect for the feature and provide recommendations.
  • They will keep your ideas and preferences in view as well.
  • Once you have given your approval for the location and quote, we will start on the job at the designated time and date.
  • A hole is dug in the yard at the pre-decided spot.
  • The dirt will be back filled.
  • A retaining wall will be installed to prevent the periphery of the hole from caving in.
  • The trampoline’s frame is positioned inside the hole in the ground.
  • This means the top of your trampoline remains flush with the ground.

In-Ground Trampoline Design - Aspects To Consider

While the process seems simple, there are certain aspects that have to be taken into account such as:

  • We can’t just fit the trampoline in the ground, as it won’t function quite the same as it would above the ground. This is largely because of improper air-flow. Without the right airflow, your trampoline won’t provide the same level of bounce as a standard above-ground trampoline does. But our experts know how to properly install you’re in-ground trampoline while allowing for the right amount of airflow underneath.
  • We also focus on the drainage aspect and the hole will be designed to drain properly or else your risk the accumulation of water and run-off. This can give rise to insect infestations and foul odors emanating from under the trampoline.

In short, our experts will make sure that your in-ground trampoline is installed perfectly and that it is stable and functions well. When you want the best custom in-ground installation, you need look no further than Ladd-Scapes. You can reach us by e-mail, phone or even regular mail.

We look forward to hearing from you and are experts are here to help you with queries about our services and buried trampoline installation cost. Call us with your project details on this number- 865-388-7658. You can also request for a free estimate via this online form.

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