Hardscape Services Knoxville, TN At Ladd-Scapes we provide the following services to our residential and commercial clients throughout greater Knoxville, TN:


We pride ourselves on being certified Belgard Pavers installers. This range of interlocking concrete pavers in amongst the best quality in the world and there is no surprise that this paver range is highly recommended by our company and many others in the US. Some of the great characteristics of Belgard pavers is of course their abundant range of colors, shapes, sizes and textures. These concrete pavers can imitate the look of any natural stone product for a fraction of the price.

Some of the other benefits to using these paving stones include things like durability, longevity, ease of installation, low maintenance requirements and of course aesthetic appeal. So you can really understand why these pavers are ideal for all types of applications including driveways, patios, walkways, sidewalks and pool decks. Read More About Pavers »

Retaining Walls

Not only are we professional paver installers but we are also certified retaining wall system contractors. The Belgard ranges of retaining wall blocks are amazing and also highly recommended by us. Long gone are the days when a retaining wall was just a boring looking structure. Nowadays with advancing manufacturing techniques; you can now have a wall that serves its structural and functional purpose as well as one that looks stunning!

The Belgard retaining walls blocks have the same characteristics as their pavers in that they create both a durable and visually appealing wall. This is really important to property owners these days who want to have a property with an abundance of curb appeal as well as practicality. So when it comes to retaining walls of shapes and sizes we at Ladd-Scapes are the best company for the job! Read More About Retaining Walls »

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